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A guide to CPAP therapy apps and devices

Today’s CPAP users have access to new apps, programs and software that can help them track the progress of their treatment and make changes based on their specific needs. Minute-by-minute reports are available in some ...

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How to solve CPAP side effects and other common problems

Most effective medical treatments today have some form of side effects which may occur, and using a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea is no different. None of the main side effects are particularly serious, however ...

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CPAP: Travel Tips for Camping

 Next time you sleep under the stars, make sure you, and those around you, follow these simple tips to get the quality sleep you’ve become so accustomed to, now that you’ve been using CPAP.

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What is CPAP? Everything you need to know

CPAP — or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure — is a type of therapy that applies mild air pressure to a person’s upper airway to keep their airway open so that they can breathe normally while they sleep. CPAP can be ...

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Getting used to your sleep apnea therapy

While some people adapt to sleep apnea therapy very quickly, many people find that getting used to sleeping with a mask and device takes time. Just like wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses for the first time, there can ...

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16 ways to still get quality sleep, even when it’s hot at night

Another Summer is coming to an end in the land of the long white cloud, but we still have some sunny days to enjoy before the mercury starts to drop. While the warmer seasons are great for getting out outdoors, at ...

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