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The sky’s the limit with your device – using CPAP on a plane

Have sleep apnea, will travel!  A portable CPAP machine might be the equivalent of a golden ticket for some people with sleep apnea – not only does CPAP, the gold standard of sleep apnea treatment, help your sleeping ...

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How to sleep without snoring

How can I sleep without snoring?    It’s a common question from those of us who are noisy at night-time.  If you’re desperate for a silent night and want the answer on how to rest without distributing your entire ...

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Do colds and allergies affect sleep?

No-one likes catching a cold or struggling with allergies, but can colds and allergies stop you from catching a healthy amount of sleep?

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Using a CPAP machine, but still experiencing apneas?

Can’t get to sleep with your CPAP? You’ve likely heard CPAP machines be referred to as the ‘golden standard’ in nonsurgical treatment for sleep apnea1. Research shows that regular CPAP use is particularly successful for ...

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CPAP: Travel Tips for Camping

 Next time you sleep under the stars, make sure you, and those around you, follow these simple tips to get the quality sleep you’ve become so accustomed to, now that you’ve been using CPAP.

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The Most Popular CPAP Masks of 2019

Your CPAP Mask plays an important part of your daily Sleep Apnea therapy by delivering the pressurised air from your CPAP Machine to keep your airways open during the night. This helps you get a better quality sleep and ...

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