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A guide to CPAP therapy apps and devices

Today’s CPAP users have access to new apps, programs and software that can help them track the progress of their treatment and make changes based on their specific needs. Minute-by-minute reports are available in some ...

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The Lowdown on CPAP Batteries

Your CPAP machine requires power to function each night, however sometimes a reliable power supply is unavailable. In these instances, battery power is a great alternative, as you can ensure your treatment continues ...

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What Should My CPAP Pressure Be?

Every individual with sleep apnea experiences different levels of air obstruction in their passageways and throat. That is why it’s necessary to ensure your CPAP device is set to the right level for you so you can ...

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How to solve CPAP side effects and other common problems

Most effective medical treatments today have some form of side effects which may occur, and using a CPAP machine to treat sleep apnea is no different. None of the main side effects are particularly serious, however ...

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A New Level Of Softness: ResMed’s AirTouch F20 CPAP Mask

Experience ResMed's softest mask ever! If you are using a CPAP Machine every night as treatment for your sleep apnea, you've probably noticed that you’re now getting a much better sleep and feeling more rested each day. ...

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