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We are happy to explain anything about sleep apnea and how we can easily detect and treat this condition

Advanced home sleep test

Our advanced home sleep test uses the fully disposable WatchPAT ONE test kit, consisting of the WatchPAT One wrist device and downloadable app. As shown in the diagram below, the easy-to-wear WatchPAT ONE device measures 7 sets of data to evaluate your sleep accurately.


After the app collects your data, our EdenSleep sleep physiologists and accredited sleep doctors will look at your results to create your detailed sleep report. You can then speak to your doctor or us about therapy options that'll be most suitable based on your results.

If you plan to see a specialist doctor or wish to claim on health insurance, the WatchPAT ONE test is for you. If you're a Southern Cross health insurance member, please contact us with your details so we can check if you're covered.


Basic Home Sleep Test

This is our standard and easy-to-use home sleep test. We can send this out overnight to your home address wherever you are in New Zealand.
The cost of this test is NZ$145.00, and you can order this test online in our shop. 



Advanced Home Sleep Test

Order your own Advanced Home Sleep Test here. This test may be claimed on your health insurance depending on your policy. Please click enquire and we will be in touch about conducting your advanced sleep test.

Pricing will depend on the exact details of the test and the requirements of your referring doctor.



The Three Pillars of Health

Unlock the Third Pillar of Health: Sleep. Download our eBook to read about the three 'Pillars of Health' and understand how important sleep is to living healthy.