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What is EdenSleep MaskFit? 5 tips on CPAP mask fitting

Getting used to CPAP therapy for Sleep Apnea can be hard. Not only do you need to get the right equipment that fits you, but you also need to get used to sleeping with a CPAP mask. There are questions that you may have before buying the right mask such as What size mask do I need? How do I know what mask size to get? How do I prevent my CPAP mask from leaking? How do I know if my mask is poorly fitted?

It can be tricky to get the right CPAP mask, and poor-fitting masks can lead to many problems other than discomfort, such as Your facial marks, dry mouth, and even hair loss if the wrong mask is strapped to your face every night. A well-fitting mask greatly increases the chance of easing into CPAP therapy!

Once you have your CPAP Mask, here are 5 easy tips on improving the fit:

1. One finger fit under the mask strap

One of the biggest improvements you can make is to check if you can get one finger under each strap. If you can fit more than one finger under your strap, chances are your mask is not tight enough and this may potentially cause leakage. If you can’t fit one finger under the strap, then you might need to loosen your mask, as if your mask is too tight you run the risk of having contract pressure sores, or mild headaches. To ensure your mask is properly fitted, put it on while you have your CPAP machine turned on, tighten the straps until you hear no air leaks and you can fit one finger under the straps.

2. Know your sleep position habits

Do you toss and turn during your sleep? Are you a side sleeper? Perhaps you’re a mouth breather and you wake up with dry mouth every night? In order to understand if your mask is the best fit for you, take some time and to understand your sleeping habits. The sleep journey is unique to each person and your mask applies to the same rules. Know you can always consult any of our EdenSleep Sleep Coaches ² to help you get the right mask.

3. Check for leaks

If your CPAP machine is showing the presence of a leak , then chances are your mask is not working the way it is supposed to. There are several reasons which can cause a CPAP mask to leak such as a buildup of oils and bacteria on the mask that deteriorated the seal, or the mask might not have the correct sizing for your face, facial hair or the position in which you sleep., Regular cleaning and maintenance can help, as well as trying to put on your CPAP mask whilst in your preferred sleeping position. This is because our facial muscles relax and change slightly when we are laying down and tend to relax even more when we are relaxing.

4. Pay attention to size

CPAP masks come in many shapes that cater to a variety of needs, including allowing for ample space for glasses and facial hair. Some brands such as ResMed supply a variety of sizes because they understand that anyone should be able to use CPAP. With EdenSleep MaskFit your measurements are automatically considered when recommending your ideal CPAP masks. We recommend that you are honest when talking to our Sleep Coaches ² about your CPAP mask such as if you feel like the recommended mask are feeling a little loose.

5. Clean the cushion

It is important to keep anything that is always sitting close to your face clean. Our faces produce enough oils and bacteria that can potentially shorten the lifespan of your mask and cause a leak before you intend to replenish. Cleaning a CPAP Mask is simple, just take a warm wet cloth that has a little dish soap and gently wipe down the cushions and mask. Then let it air dry during the day or place it in a dry area for a few hours and your now clean mask should have better sealing power for the night.

Time and Patience are the Key

Remember it is completely normal to take time to adjust to sleeping with a CPAP Mask. Take some time to relax before bed with your CPAP mask on. We recommend that during the adjustment period to also practice good sleeping habits such as limiting caffeine and exercising regularly.




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