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The History of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition whereby the upper airway partially or completely collapses during sleep resulting in snoring and/or complete cessation of breathing. The earliest records of snoring and ...

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The Wonders of Restorative Sleep

Work, rest, play repeat – it’s no accident that humans spend a third of their lives asleep!

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The difference between Fixed and Automatic CPAP

No doubt you’re familiar with CPAP machine therapy and have come to know it as the ‘golden standard’ in sleep apnea treatment. But have you ever heard your medical professional recommend a different type of ‘PAP’ ...

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A guide to CPAP therapy apps and devices

Today’s CPAP users have access to new apps, programs and software that can help them track the progress of their treatment and make changes based on their specific needs. Minute-by-minute reports are available in ...

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Using a CPAP machine, but still experiencing apneas?

Can’t get to sleep with your CPAP? You’ve likely heard CPAP machines be referred to as the ‘golden standard’ in nonsurgical treatment for sleep apnea1. Research shows that regular CPAP use is particularly successful ...

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The Lowdown on CPAP Batteries

Your CPAP machine requires power to function each night, however sometimes a reliable power supply is unavailable. In these instances, battery power is a great alternative, as you can ensure your treatment continues ...

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