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CPAP: Travel Tips for Camping

 Next time you sleep under the stars, make sure you, and those around you, follow these simple tips to get the quality sleep you’ve become so accustomed to, now that you’ve been using CPAP.

1. Use CPAP when you’re camping

Always use CPAP whenever and wherever you sleep. Travel bags make it easy to bring CPAP with you. There are also travel CPAP machines that are completely portable. You’ll also be glad you got a good night’s sleep in order to get the most out of your camping trip.


2. Know how to power your CPAP outside

If you have an external CPAP battery, refer to its user guide on how to charge it. If you don’t have access to wall socket power during your camping trip, and your machine’s manufacturer doesn’t make a battery for it, you should consider getting a marine battery to power your CPAP machine. Talk to your equipment provider about what you need and where you can get it. If you own a ResMed CPAP machine, you should consider getting the RPSII - a portable battery especially designed for S9 and AirSense 10 CPAP Machines. Philips Respironics also have a universal portable battery pack available. So there are plenty of portable power options to help you go off the grid.

Is this the CPAP system for camping?

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When it comes to camping, portability and power consumption can be major considerations, especially in remote places where every kilogram in the backpack matters, and where options for power are limited.

The ResMed AirMini may be the answer you are looking for. This compact and complete package will impress, whether you are looking for a portable travel CPAP machine or a primary device for your sleep apnea treatment.


3. Know how many hours of power you have

Humidification and CPAP pressure can both affect how much power your battery can provide. For instance, ResMed’s RPS II packs up to 13 hours of power. But with humidification on, it can be much less. If you are unsure, come in to one of our locations and ask us:

  • How much power your CPAP battery can provide
  • Whether you can run two batteries at once to double your power (you can with the RPS II)
  • Whether you can get by without using humidification outside (depending on the weather forecast)


4. Change your filter when you get home

Your filter will be likely to pick up far more allergens and dust particles outside than it does in your bedroom. Be sure to order some extra CPAP machine filters before you go camping, and swap them the day you get home.

Taking your CPAP camping isn’t always possible with non-travel ready CPAP machines. If you’re looking to upgrade or purchase your first, new CPAP machine, check out our full range of CPAP Machines.