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Customer Success Story: Charlie

Charlie is extremely thankful. Why? Because his ribs no longer hurt each morning from his wife elbowing him all night, telling him to stop snoring!

“CPAP changed my life. My only regret is not getting one 27 years earlier, as I would have been far better off that whole time!”

Charlie realised a few years ago that he should seek help when he was worried he was putting himself and others at risk at work. While nodding off in meetings and at conferences was embarrassing, the hours of tired driving each week was seriously concerning.

“I was driving 2 to 3 hours a day, wondering if I should pull over for a sleep.”

That’s when he visited the EdenSleep website and ordered a Home Sleep Test.

“The results were absolutely eye-opening. They were objective and very telling: I needed help with managing a disorder called sleep apnea.”

Now that he uses CPAP, he feels one-hundred times better each day.

“The therapy has completely eliminated the safety problem for me, not to mention making me feel a whole lot better.”

In fact, he now looks forward to each day, because he feels well-rested and ready to take on the world.

“The amount of energy that everyone else is so used to having, I now have. And it’s thanks to my CPAP machine.”

“While it doesn’t compensate for a lack of hours due to a busy lifestyle, it certainly gives you quality sleep for those hours that you are in bed for.”

Charlie just wishes he had have gone on to CPAP therapy 27 years ago!

“I would highly recommend anyone who thinks they may be struggling with daily tiredness and a need to constantly nap. It’s worth getting help as it can really make a big difference.”

“The team at EdenSleep have been awesome to work with and the machine has significantly impacted my daily life.”

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