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A sleep test or study is way for you to check on your sleep quality and whether you have a sleep condition such as sleep apnea or not. All sleep tests require you to wear data tracking equipment while you sleep. The information gathered is then assessed by a clinical sleep physiologist.

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Why should I do a sleep test?

A sleep test is just like any other health check. It's to ensure everything is going well. If you've ever wondered how well you sleep, a sleep test will help you find out.

What can a sleep test diagnose?

All recognised sleep tests can check your sleep quality and diagnose sleep conditions like sleep apnea. If at any time you require medical advice, we recommend you have a chat with your doctor.

Ways to check up on your sleep

There are sleep tests you can take at home and sleep tests you can take overnight in a lab. All of them will be able to evaluate your sleep quality and whether you have sleep apnea or not. Some will be more detailed than others.

Online sleep assessment

Our free online sleep assessment is a great place to start if you want a sneak peek at your sleep health and risk of having sleep apnea. For an actual diagnosis, you'll need to take a home sleep test.

Basic home sleep test

A home sleep test is one of the easiest ways to check up on your sleep, and unlike a lab test, it means you can sleep in your own bed. The basic sleep test we offer is wireless and easy to use. And it'll give enough information to determine your sleep quality and whether you have sleep apnea or not.

Advanced home sleep test

We also offer an advanced home sleep test that uses a sensor around your body. Our EdenSleep sleep doctors will look at your results and provide you with a detailed sleep report. If you wish to have an advanced sleep test instead of a basic one, you'll first need to see your doctor for a referral. Some people will also be able to claim an advanced home sleep test on their health insurance. It'll be worthwhile to check your eligibility with your doctor and health insurance provider.

All about sleep tests FAQs

How to prepare for a home sleep test?

Home sleep tests are straightforward to prepare for and set up, especially when compared to a laboratory sleep test. Some will require a device to be strapped around your body, while simpler ones only need a sensor on your finger.

How long will a home sleep test last for?

It depends on the test you have. Most home sleep tests will take 1-3 nights to complete.

How much is a home sleep test?

You can order the ResMed onesleeptest online and have it delivered to your door for $145. The test also includes an EdenSleep Physiologist* certified report and consult with an EdenSleep Physiologist.*

What if I can't sleep during a home sleep test?

It's okay if you struggle the first night. Depending on the test, you may be able to restart it the next night. What's most important is that the test captures your typical night's sleep.

Can I do my home sleep test when and where I want?

The idea of a sleep test is to record your typical night's sleep, so you should complete the test where and when you usually sleep.

What do I do during a ResMed onesleeptest?

The first thing to do after you have your ResMed onesleeptest is to download the companion app. The app will guide you through every step. When you're ready to go to bed, you'll need to strap the wireless sensor on your finger and switch your app on to record. Take the sensor off in the morning and repeat the same process for another two nights.

What do I do after my home sleep test?

After 3 successful nights on the test, your data will be sent to an EdenSleep Physiologist.* They'll then prepare and email you a sleep report within a few days. You should book your included EdenSleep Physiologist* consult to go over your results if you haven't already done so.

Can you help me understand my home sleep test results?

At your EdenSleep Physiologist* consult, they will go through your results in detail and provide personalised recommendations on how you can improve your sleep health. You'll also be able to ask any questions you have.

Why have I been advised to have a sleep test before I take a CPAP trial?

We may ask for a sleep test before your CPAP trial as we know that in certain groups of people, CPAP may not be the best therapy option. We may also need to know more information to set the trial up in the right way for your needs.

* EdenSleep physiologists are registered health professionals who will talk to you regarding your sleep report however they do not replace medical advice and you should still consult your doctor.

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Advanced Home Sleep Test

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Pricing will depend on the exact details of the test and the requirements of your referring doctor.



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