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A home sleep test is a convenient and accurate way of finding out if you have a sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea.

Most sleep disorders are completely treatable. Sleeping better and having more energy can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life.

Taking a home sleep test is your first step to feeling better by looking after your sleep.

How to order your home sleep test

We deliver home sleep tests throughout New Zealand. There are two ways to order a home sleep test; you can order online through our EdenSleep shop. Or you can contact us directly using our home sleep test booking form.

What does a home sleep test involve?

Once you have ordered your sleep test and it has been delivered to you, the next step is to choose the night you want to take the test and follow the instructions provided on how to use the equipment.

Our sleep testing equipment arrives to you with sensors pre-attached and fresh batteries installed. We include easy-to-follow, illustrated printed instructions to guide you through the setup process.

At EdenSleep we use the latest technologies from the world’s leading sleep companies including the ApneaLink Plus, a premium sleep testing device from ResMed, the industry leader in the manufacture of sleep therapy devices.

During your overnight sleep test, the Apnealink Plus will record your respiratory effort, airflow, pulse rate and oxygen saturation whilst you sleep.  

Should you have any questions about using your home sleep test, we provide a toll-free technical support helpline.

We are proud to have achieved a success rate with our home sleep tests of greater than 95%, which is well above the industry standard.

Ready to get started?

Take the first step on the pathway to better sleep; contact one of our friendly consultants today and book your home sleep test.

Basic Home Sleep Test

Order your own Basic Home Sleep Test today from our secure online shop and we will ship it directly to you!


Advanced Home Sleep Test

Order your own Advanced Home Sleep Test here. This test may be claimed on your health insurance depending on your policy. Please click enquire and we will be in touch about conducting your advanced sleep test.

Pricing will depend on the exact details of the test and the requirements of your referring doctor.



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