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Sleep tests at home: all you need to know

If you are having trouble sleeping, suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness, or snoring heavily, it may be time to get a sleep test. These tests can help you identify any potential issues you may be experiencing and help you to seek the correct treatment to help you get a better night’s sleep.

How Does a Sleep Test Help?

Quality sleep is important for our health and well-being, so it’s something you want to take seriously. A Home Sleep Test is a simple and accurate way to check whether you are experiencing issues with your breathing during your sleep. EdenSleep offers a Home Sleep Test (HST) that you can do from the convenience of your own home, which helps most people feel more comfortable and sleep in a more natural way

A home sleep test is a very accessible way of diagnosing sleep problems, enabling you to seek quality treatment for sleep disorders as early and as quickly as possible. It is not suitable for the diagnosis of all sleep issues and we will advise you to go to a sleep laboratory or hospital if we feel it would be a better choice for you.

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How Do You Organise a Sleep Test?

A Home Sleep Test can simply be ordered online, and can be couriered right to your door wherever you are in New Zealand. Our team of Sleep Therapists can provide you with the initial information you need, as well as organise the Home Sleep Test for you.

What is the Purpose of these Tests?

Sleep tests, also known as polysomnograms, provide the most accurate way to better understand how you sleep at night, and can help diagnose sleep disorders including sleep apnea. EdenSleep Home Sleep Test give a very accurate picture of your breathing, oxygen levels, heart rate and body position throughout the test night.

What Types of Tests are Available?

At EdenSleep, we offer two test options- the Basic Test and the Advanced Test.

This test uses one of our advanced ApneaLink AIR monitors. The in-depth recording allows the sleep physiologists to create a detailed report on your night’s sleep, allowing for the measurement of obstructive and central sleep apnoea. A copy can be sent to your GP if you wish.

The modern and small monitors are worn for just one night and then returned to us for analysis.  

Advanced sleep tests from Edensleep use our NOX T3 sleep monitoring systems giving a very detailed picture of what is happening while you sleep and can be set to measure different variables depending on the requirements of the doctors requesting your sleep test.

If you intend to see a specialist doctor or claim on health insurance, then this is the test for you.

If unsure, simply contact us for more information.

What Happens During a Home Sleep Test (HST)?

A HST is similar to a sleep lab or hospital sleep test, but with the added comfort and convenience of being in your own home. All you need to do is read the instructions inside of the package on how to use the recording device. There are also helpful videos on our website to help you setup the monitor.

On the night you’ve chosen to have your home sleep test, you’ll follow your normal evening routine, prepare for sleep, attach everything and begin the recording.

Tips to Prepare for the Night of the Test

The most effective test results will come from allowing the HST to assess you under normal sleeping conditions. This means treating your ‘test night’ just like any other average night, including your normal turn down and wake up times, your usual bed and room conditions, and so on.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to avoid caffeine and naps during the day of your study, as these may interfere with your ability to sleep, and distort the results obtained from the test. In addition, avoid excessive alcohol, eating a large meal before bed, so that the sleep test is assessing your normal sleep patterns. If you regularly take medications to help you sleep then you should do this on the test night.

What Happens After?

In the morning, you simply remove everything and return the recording device via the supplied courier bag at your local Post shop. The data will be analysed by one of our team of trained physiologists and normally reported within 14 days of the test night. When the results come back, you can discuss them with our professional sleep physiologists to explore options to better improve your sleep. We will also send a copy to your doctor if you have provided us with their details.

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