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What is MaskFit?

Faces are complex, but finding the right mask is easy! MaskFit is a non invasive, easy and accurate tool that combines face-mapping and AI technology to capture over 30 sets of data points, such as your face shape and sleep therapy habits. This is then used by our team to find the ideal mask for you.

It's CPAP made easy!

Your face is unique and so are your CPAP needs. That’s why when we go to select your perfect mask, we assess your therapy needs, how well it will fit your face and compatibility with your device. The end goal is better therapy and a better night’s sleep.

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Take out the guess work

Choosing a CPAP mask can be daunting given the number of styles available. MaskFit provides the opportunity that your CPAP mask will fit you, from the first time you use it.


Simple and easy

MaskFit helps you find your right mask in a few easy steps. Simply answer a few questions about your sleep therapy and submit a photo, our team will assess and recommend the mask most suited to you!


Here's how it works

Step 1

Complete our MaskFit registration form, and we will send you a link via SMS to our MaskFit portal within an hour (if the form is submitted Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm NZST. Outside of these hours will be the next business day).

Step 2

Click on the link, upload a self-portrait or ‘selfie’ photograph, and answer the questions.

Step 3

Based off your results, our team will recommend a mask and what size is best suited for you.

Tips for taking the right selfie

  • Ensure your entire face is in frame
  • Use a high-quality camera or phone
  • Look directly at the camera
  • Stand against a plain bright background or wall
  • Avoid having shadows on your face


Start Your MaskFit

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Changing the face of CPAP

MaskFit is designed to help CPAP users find a mask that will give them the best therapy experience possible.