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Clinically Proven Insomnia Cure

SHUTi™, or Sleep Healthy Using the Internet™, was created by a team of international experts, including world-renowned sleep expert, Dr. Charles Morin. Used in leading sleep centers, SHUTi™ insomnia treatment is effective at solving chronic insomnia in adults, naturally.

A safe and effective alternative to long-term medication for insomnia, SHUTi™ can be used without clinician interaction or in combination with treatment from your sleep clinician. Scientific research studies show that SHUTi™ can be as effective as cognitive behavioural therapy delivered in face-to-face sessions with a sleep therapist — but within the privacy and convenience of home.


Order SHUTi™ Insomnia Treatment Program and Get Started Sleeping Healthy

You too can be sleeping restfully in as little as 6 weeks. But with our extended subscription plan and one-time subscription fee of approx NZ$200-00, you'll have plenty of time to complete the program at your own pace, and continue to use the program and review materials for up to a full 20 weeks.


Online CBT for Insomnia

SHUTi™ employs strategies from both behavioural therapy and cognitive therapy to address the problematic behaviors and thoughts that contribute to insomnia. But, SHUTi™ requires no interaction with a clinician, and research studies show that when it is used appropriately, SHUTi™ can be as effective as CBT delivered in face-to-face sessions with a therapist.

You can complete the SHUTi™ insomnia treatment program in as little as six weeks, but with the extended subscription saving plan, we’ll give you plenty of time to complete the program at your own pace and receive extended support from the useful information and techniques learned in SHUTi™.


So what is SHUTi™?

SHUTi™ is an engaging online program that is tailored to the needs of each individual user. It uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, which are proven to be the most effective long-term means of overcoming chronic insomnia and have no risk of dependency or side-effects. SHUTi™ is online and always available, allowing you to use it when it is convenient for you.

SHUTi™ has been empirically validated across Randomised Control Trials. Using prospectively collected diary entries for data accuracy, it has been proven to significantly reduce sleep onset, reduce wake after sleep onset, reduce the number of awakenings and improve sleep efficiency. It has also shown marked improvements in insomnia severity, such that 73% of participants no longer had clinical levels of insomnia after using SHUTi™, results similar to face-to-face therapy with a sleep therapist.

There were also significant improvements in comorbid fatigue, depression, anxiety and mental health quality of life. And participants maintained their improvements when measured at 6 months after treatment;

  • 73% No longer had clinical insomnia
  • 65% Decreased symptoms of fatigue
  • 55% Decreased number of awakenings
  • 45% Decreased feelings of depression
  • 48% Decreased feelings of anxiety

SHUTi Insomnia treatment is available for order online.

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