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How Vitamin D Helps with Sleep

Recent studies have suggested that our levels of Vitamin D may have an impact on the quality of sleep we get each night, and therefore Vitamin D deficiency may be linked to excessive daytime sleepiness and ...

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Up at odd hours: five tips to help shift workers sleep

Unfortunately, with busy lives and long work hours, we can often find ourselves running out of time to even sleep! Sleep is important for our well-being, but we also need to work to make a living, which means finding ...

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Hibernating this winter: how does temperature affect sleep?

It’s clear that the chilly winter months have well and truly set in throughout the land of the long white cloud. The snow is beginning to fall, the days are becoming shorter, and with the mornings and evenings ...

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Does sleep affect my body weight?

Every week, there is a new fad diet or complicated scientific program offering all of us that perfect, quick fix to lose those extra few kilograms we may be carrying around.

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Does darkness affect how you sleep?

Have you heard those countless reports that tell us to avoid screen time right before bed? The ones that say not to use your mobile phone or iPad before you drift off? Yet we all can’t help ourselves. We love our ...

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Are you practising good sleep hygiene?

It’s commonly known that to maintain good health, there are general standards for hygiene that need to be abided by such as washing your hands or brushing your teeth. But did you know that there’s also such a thing ...

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